Outside-In Brands is a consumer insight & marketing strategy consultancy.   So, what makes us different?  We combine the speed of technology, the rigor of social science, and 15+ years Fortune 500 CI & ad agency experience.  We use consumer research to understand the "why" behind the "what", creating compelling marketing strategies for Food & Beverage, Advertising, Hospitality and Creative industries in particular.

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Marketing is an iterative art, full of twists and turns.   We take a learn-as-you-go approach, mashing up traditional marketing research with newer, "agile research" (tech-driven, fast, affordable) techniques.  Yes, we design & execute research.  And we're quite good at it.  But we're ultimately a consumer insight & brand strategy consultancy, using research as a means-to-an-end.  At the end of the day, our job is to deliver consumer-centric product and communication strategies that grow your business.



Outside-In Brands is led by Founder and Strategist, Lyle Swart.  Lyle has 15+ years of agency and client-side Fortune 250 experience.   Previously, Lyle was Director of Consumer Insights and Brand Strategy at Taco Bell, where he drove product insights and strategy for Late Night, Breakfast, Value (Dollar Cravings Menu) and LTOs.    Additionally, Lyle led all communications insights and research at Taco Bell for nearly 8 years, optimizing over 150 national spots - a media investment of more than $1B.  Finally, Lyle also headed up Digital/Social marketing for two years at Taco Bell.   An "ad guy" at heart, Lyle was Vice President of Account Planning at Foote, Cone & Belding.  Lyle has a graduate degree in Psychology and has taught research at the University level.  Below are just a few of the brands Lyle has worked on.